• 01-06-12 June is the month of Rock!!

    That's right! This month we've got a nice show schedule. Look at the list below.
    Hope to see you soon at one of our shows!

    As you can see the 10th of June we will play an accoustic show with lots of other punkrock bands. Click here for more info.

    The 17th of June we will rock at the SamenLoop voor hoop event @Ommen. This event people will walk for 24 ours straight to raise money for "KWF Kanker Bestrijding" wich is an organisation for cancer-related work in the Netherlands. The organisation has the following goals: reduce the incidence of cancer, increase the cure rate of cancer, improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Come visit us there and support the event.

  • 29-05-12 Say Cheese! - Compilation vol. 1

    Our friends from North Empire put out a compilation album of various Dutch punkrock bands to raise money for "Wakker Dier".
    Wakker Dier fights for the welfare/rights of animals being caught in factory farming.

    We support this and we have one song on the record.
    Please download your copy here by donating some money to Wakker Dier. you decide how much you donate.

  • 09-04-12 Congrats to "The Nieuwe Stempel"

    Last friday night we rocked the finals of Wraak van Salland @Leerelampe. It was a cool stage with lot's of smoke'n'lighting and we rocked quite "de pan uit!", but the hip-rock-hoppers "The Nieuwe Stempel" showed us how to command the crowd.
    The Nieuwe Stempel won these finals and some nice gigs (Stöppelhaene, Pedro Pico Pop, de Doorbraak, Burgerpop) they deserved it.
    We think we left a good impression ourselves too, because we did get some good response and mabey some extra shows...
    Thanks to the bands, fraizle.com, and the organisation of Wraak van Salland we had a blast!

    Clickhere to see some more pictures.

  • 17-03-12 Wraak van salland, To the finals!!

    We didn't thought we would become the winner of the night @Wraak_van_salland. But we won!!
    We rocked our harts out but thought, maybe it was a little bit too much and too loud for the people from Heetten and the other bands played very good. Well the jury seemed to like our songs and energy on stage. So we got a bottle of champaign and a ticket to the finals!!

    We would like to thank the jury, the organization and the bar for having us. We would also like to thank the other bands for giving us a good night!!

    6th of April (put it in your callendar) we will play at "De Leeren Lampe" in Raalte with 3 other bands.

    Hope to see you at our show!


  • 09-03-12 Yesterday @IJsselhallen was a blast!

    Damn.. Wish we were student's again. Party till your drop!! :D
    The Windesheim student's gave us a warm hart while partying at our show.
    Some students were such awesome dancers, we gave them a free MM T-shirt!

    Thanks to the Lustrum Studentenfeest people for having us and also thanks to Niek van der Sprong, Culturele producties for taking care of us and giving us extra beer.

    Here some on stage pictures made by Kees Muizelaar.



  • 15-02-12 Wraak van salland, To the next round!!

    Last week at Friday we rocked our asses off in "cafe de Schoenmaker" at Luttenberg. It was Willem Jan his first gig and he showed the crowed how it's done!
    Each visitor could buy one vote to support his favorite band of the night. At the end the collected money was the price for the winning band. All bands brought lot's of friends and good music so it was a close finish in the voting counts. We were pleasantly surprised to hear we had the most votes.
    It seemed that we made some good fans who were willing to vote on us and especially Harry (a regular visitor of cafe de Schoenmaker) and the bar owner himself were big fans of our show, because they spend some good money to let other people vote for us!!
    And they just saw us playing for their first time!!

    We also had lots of other positive feedback from the crowd and we want to say thanks to all the people who have come to see us, voted for us and told us how much they liked our show.
    Everybody who wanted to buy our cd's wich we stupitly didn't bring with us can send us an e-mail at info@midnightmenace.nl and we will send you the cd by post mail.
    Also a big thanks to the orginasation and the guys who shot some video footage of the show. You can watch it right below this post.
    Hope to see you all soon in the next round at "De Wraak van Salland" (when and were will be announced soon). Or somewhere else..

  • 27-12-11 We've got him!!

    Willem Jan Ladies and gentlemen!! Behold our new bass player:....


    Rooted in Dalfsen City, living and study-ing in Leeuwarden and now rocking with us as our youngest MM member.
    He playes tha bass like a tight motherfucker and is greedy to rock with us as hard as possible!


    Looking for new bass player Damn, Guus has decided to quit and set his focus some more at other things.... like school? He will be playing with us until we found our new bass-guitar rock god.

    So are you the guy with bass-gear, live experience and a tight groove?

    We set our minds on: (punk)rocking a tight/convinsing live set, writing songs and having a great time while doing this!
    Does this meet your profile/interests? Please send an e-mail to: info@midnightmenace.nl
    Skills like: singing backing vocals, driving a car, getting us to play more shows and/or having an awesome stage-precense will make us want you even more!
    We rehears every week in Zwolle en play 25 till 40 gigs in a year.

  • 08-07-11 Video by Niels!

    Niels checked us out at our release show, shot some video and made an nice compilation.
    "Thank you Niels!"

  • 24-06-11 The last New Track Friday...

    we present you our EP title track: "The Static State"
    Want to hear the other tracks? Come to our show tonight @ hedon-zwolle.nl, we'll play them for you and you can be the first one to buy the new EP!

    Only tonight we'll sell cd/merch for a nice combo price:
    - Fences EP + The Static State EP: €10,-
    - Midnight Menace T-shirt + The Static State EP: €10,-

    Hope to see you tonight!

    The Static State by MidnightMenace

  • 24-06-11 Watch our live stream tonight

    Can't make it to Zwolle?
    Watch it live online @ www.hedon-zwolle.nl
    Rough schedule:
    20:30 Tiger Lovemachine
    21:30 Tenement Kids
    22:30 Midnight Menace

  • 17-06-11 It's New Track Friday again!

    Today we reveal another new track: "Revive"
    Happy listening and we hope to see you all next friday evening at Hedon-Zwolle at our EP-Release party!

    Revive by MidnightMenace

  • 10-06-11 It's New Track Friday!

    Now you can listen to our upcoming EP's first song: "Surrender"
    We hope you like it as much as we do. Next friday we will post an other song so be sure to check it out too. Let us know what you think of it at: Facebook, MySpace, Hyves or Twitter

    Surrender by MidnightMenace

  • 03-06-11 New website, new upcoming EP 'The Static State'!

    It has been quiet for some time at the Midnight Menace front!
    But today our new official website is online! And we’ve got a little surprise for you!
    Listen to our teaser to find out more about our brandnew upcoming EP ‘The Static State’.
    Every next friday we will post a new song on this website untill our releaseparty on Friday 24th of June at Hedon, Zwolle.
    So make sure you write it all down on your calendar!

    You can also follow us on Twitter & Facebook and stay updated around MM!
    Please help us spread the word about our new website and upcoming EP!
    Keep you posted!

    "The Static State" - Album Teaser by MidnightMenace


  • 01-12-12 QuartelRock, Binnenmaas others
  • 23-06-12 Midzomerfeest, Mariënheem Heemstock Festival
  • 17-06-12 SamenLoop voor hoop, Ommen Rocking Against Cancer
  • 16-06-12 SteengoedFestival, Willemsoord Glasses & Mustaches, The Road Home, a.o.
  • 10-06-12 Harlingen Accoustic punckrock sessions
  • 09-06-12 Pedro Pico pop, Raalte The Toy Dolls, Destine, a.o.
  • 07-06-12 het paardcafé, Den Haag Coral Springs
  • 01-06-12 Friends and Bands, Enschede Clueless, The Road Home, a.o.
  • 06-04-12 De Leere Lampe, Raalte Finals Wraak van Salland
  • 16-03-12 Wraak van Salland, Heeten Wraak van Salland
  • 08-03-12 IJsselhallen, Zwolle Windesheim Lustrum Studentenfeest
  • 10-02-12 Schoenmaker, Luttenberg De Wraak van Salland
  • 03-12-11 Deinze (BE) Long Way Down
  • 02-12-11 Aachen (DE) Long Way Down
  • 26-11-11 Friends 'n Bands 2011, Enschede CANCELED
  • 12-11-11 't Ukien, Kampen This City Shines
  • 21-10-11 Underground, Nijmegen Long Way Down
  • 22-09-11 Willemeen, Arnhem Astpai + Dear Hearts
  • 16-09-11 Texmex, Spijkenisse Suicide Bombs
  • 10-09-11 Mukkes, Leeuwarden 50/50 + We live in trenches
  • 21-07-11 't Proathuys, Wijhe Stinkend Reich
  • 24-06-11 Hedon, Zwolle Tenement Kids, Tiger Love Machine
  • 29-05-11 Lichtboei, Harlingen Antillectual, Cold Blooded, So Called Celeste
  • 17-05-11 café Aloys, Eindhoven Atlas Losing Grip
  • 14-05-11 Eureka, Zwolle WantWant, a.o.
  • 05-05-11 Bevrijdingsfestival, Zwolle Paceshifters, Destine, a.o.
  • 09-04-11 Popfront, Zwolle New Poker Face, Note to Amy